Packable Three-Person Umbrella ensures everyone remains nice and dry

3person-umbrellaThey say that two’s company, and three’s a crowd. However, when it is pouring cats and dogs, nobody is going to claim that three’s a crowd if there is only one umbrella to use in the vicinity. The thing is, most umbrellas are way too small to fit in three humans underneath, unless we are talking about hobbits and dwarves. Carrying around a golf umbrella also does not make too much sense at all, so why not settle for something that is prim and proper – with the $34.95 Packable Three-Person Umbrella in tow?

The Packable Three-Person Umbrella is special in a sense where this three-person umbrella is not bulky when not in use, where it will be able to retract to just 22″ in length and sports a 2.5” diameter, making it a snap to carry around whenever you travel. The 58” diameter vented nylon canopy and its 40″ shaft will deploy with but a simple press of the spring-activated auto-open button so that you receive instant coverage for a golf threesome, or perhaps a trio of shoppers alongside their bags. How about having it provide adequate cover to a gaggle of teens as well? There will be vented openings in the canopy that disperses wind to eliminate inversion.