MSI announces new GX Destroyer Series of gaming laptops


msi-radeonI do know that many of us love gaming, although our gaming priorities have been changed somewhat to accommodate the mobile lifestyle in the form of portable consoles, smartphones and tablets. Gaming on a laptop is not something that most folks do, but this does not mean that road warriors should do away with all sorts of games and focus solely on work alone. No sir, MSI’s announcement of their latest GX Destroyer Series boasts of an AMD A10 processor, an AMD Radeon R9-M290X graphics chipset as well as a slew of gaming features that were specially designed to deliver optimal performance.

Thanks to MSI’s GX Destroyer Series, avid gamers would not find dropped frame rates when playing on this unique laptop, since it comes with the perfect combination of multimedia capability and gaming performance. Specially equipped with AMD’s state-of-the-art mobile processor, both the GX70 and GX60 Destroyers will sport AMD’s latest GPU and its proprietary Mantle Graphics technology, where gaming performance is improved so that your eyes will be able to enjoy a higher resolution count, smoother gameplay as well as a more immersive gaming experience.

Apart from that, the GX Destroyer units happen to be the first gaming laptops that feature MSI’s Dragon Gaming Center, which is a gaming shortcut key that has been specially designed to maximize performance and speed through the inclusion of full system check-ups. This enables an instant configuration of your machine to your preset gaming environment profile, while doing away with unnecessary background applications so that processing power is increased and applied in the right manner. “Right” here meaning for your game, and not to crunch spreadsheets.

Apart from that, the GX Destroyer Series would also boast of the Killer E2200 Game Networking card for lag-free gaming, SoundBlaster Cinema for ultra-realistic sound, MSI’s Cooler Boost and Audio Boost technology and AMD’s Eyefinity technology. Sounds like a decent belated Christmas present for yourself, no?

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