Rapoo E2700 multimedia wireless keyboard comes with a touchpad


rapoo-e2700A name like Rapoo might raise some eyebrows, but you ought to take note that they happen to be a leading manufacturer when it comes to wireless peripheral products. Their latest addition to the market? The Rapoo E2700 multimedia wireless keyboard that sports a touchpad, which will happen to hail from the company’s highly esteemed Blade Series. The Rapoo E2700 multimedia wireless keyboard comes across as extremely slim, making it an essential tool when it comes to enhancing productivity as well as performance straight from the comfort of your couch. Apart from that, there is no need for you to make use of a separate keyboard and mouse whenever you opt to browse the web or enjoy multimedia thanks to its all inclusive design.

The Rapoo E2700 multimedia wireless keyboard would feature a scissor key structure that delivers a greater level of accuracy, reliability, as well as the perfect key stroke results every time. This does away with (or rather, minimizes the occurrence of) any typos since the micro-scissors will be able to distribute pressure evenly across the key surfaces, allowing each quiet keystroke that is made to be 100% correct all the time. Theoretically speaking, of course, although I am quite sure that test and focus groups for the Rapoo E2700 would have agreed to such an assessment before the company is able to make such a claim.

The Rapoo E2700 multimedia wireless keyboard would comprise of 80 keys, where it includes 13 hotkeys (i.e. volume, mute, and forward/back among others). Apart from that, the touchpad that is located on the right side of the keys would be placed where the mouse is supposed to be normally, ensuring you get to enjoy full media control with just one single swipe of a finger. It would be nice if there were to be a left handed version of this keyboard though, otherwise southpaws like me will just have to adapt – as usual.

Expect the Rapoo E2700 multimedia wireless keyboard to come with a tiny and unobtrusive nano USB receiver, allowing you to have it remain plugged into your device’s USB port all the time, as it operates on a 2.4GHz wireless frequency with a 360 degree range as well as a maximum of 10 meters of working range. The asking price for the Rapoo E2700 multimedia wireless keyboard stands at $49.99 as at press time.

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