Fuel is the world’s smallest phone charger


fuelThe modern day road warrior has one particular device that he or she carries around all the time – the smartphone (or a regular feature phone in some cases). This is one scenario which cannot be avoided at all, and there are moments when you actually forget to juice up your handset, which could prove to be disastrous in certain situations. Well, this would mean one should be better prepared, and what better way to do so than with the £24.99 Fuel, a device that has been dubbed to be the smallest phone charger in the world?

Just how small is Fuel anyway? We are talking about being tiny enough that you do not even need to worry about taking up additional space in your luggage, since you can stuff it into your pants pocket without it bulging out at a mere 3.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.3cm. Of course, at that size, it will not be able to deliver hours of video viewing on your smartphone, but rather, it caters more for delivering enough juice to carry out a conversation to close that multi-million dollar deal. We are looking at maybe half an hour of much needed talk time, tops. The Fuel portable phone charger is made out of die-cast aluminum with miniature jerry-can features to make it resemble as though you are pouring real petrol into the handset’s “gas tank”.

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