Doctor Who R/C Flying TARDIS is a must have for Dr. Who fans

rc-flying-tardisIf you are an avid fan of the Dr. Who series, you would most probably have your fair share of DVDs (special editions and the rest of the regular airports) as well as merchandise in your home, but there is always room for one more, right? Having a remote controlled TARDIS does sound extremely appealing, but what happens when you spice that up to make it hover around? Totally radical, right? This is what the $59.99 Doctor Who R/C Flying TARDIS delivers, although you will need to deliver the *vworp vworp* sound effects by yourself.

The Doctor Who R/C Flying TARDIS is touted to be the world’s smallest of its kind (which should not come across as surprisin, actually), where it is also an officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise. Capable of performing vertical takeoff and landing, the Doctor Who R/C Flying TARDIS will require up to half an hour in order to charge, where that results in 6 minutes of continuous play time. There are no time controls on the remote though, so do not think that you will be able to travel through time with this – your imagination alone will have to do. Do have a handy supply of AA batteries though, and if you’re going to spend plenty of time with this, we’d suggest you use rechargeables in the long run.