The Aeyo will grab attention, though not in the way you’d want it to


If they build it, someone will buy it. There are a ton of products out there that you really have to question the reason why it was created. Maybe it fit a certain person’s specific needs, and they thought it was wonderful enough that other people would want it too. However, when those items are higher priced, it becomes questionable as to why it was created.

The Aeyo might have tons of health benefits and make it easier to get from point A to B, but it looks a bit silly. This is a scooter and in-line skating combination that looks very awkward. While the price tag is at around $611, it will make you look toward cheaper options, as you could just as easily get a bicycle, scooter, or a regular pair of in-line skates that will do the exact same thing.

This is very easy to strap into and get out of, as it uses Velcro straps which can be placed over your shoes. There are two sizes available for this, as well as six different color schemes to choose from. While you will get a bit more stability, a headlight, and possibly more exercise out of this, it will undoubtedly be annoying to carry around. As it is not something that is known to the masses, you will also receive a multitude of quizzical stares. Either way, it would be fun to go on an excursion with.

Availabel for purchase on Aeyo, found via geekologie

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