The Happys – Interactive Pets you can Train


If you have little girl, it’s likely that you remember Zhu-Zhu pets. Those cutey little motorized hamsters that were all the rage a few Christmases ago. Well, Cepia, the company that allowed you the privilege of standing on line to buy those furry critters, is doing it again…

Check out Happys,¬†the only line of interactive puppy and kitty plush pets that you can play with, train to perform tricks and make more than 25 silly sounds. Kids can play “keep away” or simply roll The Happy’s ball and watch them chase after it. Hold the Happy’s treat and they’ll come running.

Each different treat will prompt your pet to perform a different trick like beg, pounce, follow, chase tail or spin, and all Happy’s treats work with any Happy’s pet – so the more treats, the more tricks the Happy’s will do!

Four sweet and silly characters compose The Happy’s litter, including 3 dogs and a kitty, each with its own name, treat, and unique personality. Rest assured there will be plenty of playsets and accessories, including beds, vehicles and fashion carriers..¬†Happy’s will be arriving this spring, just in time for Easter. No word yet on price, but do yourself a favor and get them quick, so I won’t have to say “I told you so”