Canon PowerShot D30 digital camera is waterproof

canon-powershot-d30I clearly remember at one point in time when waterproof cameras were all the rage, at least those models from Olympus that carried the Mju name. It seems as though the Mju camera could take just about any and all kinds of abuse – being dropped onto the floor because of clumsy hands, or perhaps taking a dunk in the swimming pool because your mates decided to throw you in. Waterproof cameras continue to remain few and far in between, but the latest model from the folks over at Canon happen to be the Canon PowerShot D30.

Canon’s most recent waterproof camera, the PowerShot D30, would prove itself to be an ideal solution when it comes to handling various outdoor adventures. This waterproof device wil allow you to plumb greater depths than ever before, to a record-breaking 82-feet below sea level actually, which would enable the open water diver up to 23 more feet of depth for him or her to explore in the surrounding underwater environment. Not only that, the Canon PowerShot D30 digital camera happens to be temperature-resistant from 14 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and can shrug off drops of up to 6.5 feet.

Not only that, the PowerShot D30 camera’s built-in GPS tracker is capable of remembering just where and when the photos were taken, making sure that your mind is freed up from such details so that you can focus more on enjoying the moment. These details include the date, time and location of each photo. Thanks to its sleek design and comfortable grip, you can use the PowerShot D30 from under-to-above-water shooting environments in a jiffy without batting an eyelid, and the new Sunlight LCD mode lets you check out the display in an intuitive manner even at high noon. Expect this puppy to arrive later this April in blue for $329.99 a pop.

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