HipShotDot might be able to improve your in-game accuracy

Some video games like MMOs or RPGs aren’t very time-sensitive, and while they might require some skill, they don’t make you constantly think or act quickly. Other games like Battlefield and Call of Duty on the other hand, have a fairly steep learning curve. If you want to stand a chance against those who have nothing else to do in a day but play games, specifically first person shooters, there are ways to ‘help’ yourself out a bit.

As the HipShotDot is a physical device that only assists you in real life, it’s not considered cheating. This will help you keep your focus to where the dead center of the screen is. As there’s so much going on in your peripheral vision in the game, it should only make sense that your accuracy would fail you a little. This is a very simple, yet effective device that is nothing more than a red LED and some suction cups.

This is a USB-powered red dot sight attachment for your TV or monitor that you can align to be placed directly over where your sight is on-screen. It is attached to a black cable with suction cups to keep it in place, but after a few minutes of playing it should ‘disappear’ as you’ll lose your focus on it. This can work with just about any console or PC as all it needs is power for the LED. It has an 8 foot power cord so it should be able to reach any screen, and it will cost you around $30. This can easily be made at home for far cheaper, but you would be paying for convenience and the idea, so while that doesn’t make it any more affordable, the jacked up price is at least more understandable (You could do the same with a piece of tape).

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via thisiswhyimbroke