FAVI audio+ Set to Connect speaker simplifies wireless speaker connectivity


favi-audio-settoconnectWhen it boils down to your choice of wireless speakers, you would have plenty of models to choose from in the market at the moment. FAVI Entertainment has decided to throw their weight into the market by having a say in the form of a simplified wireless speaker thanks to its new audio+ Set to Connect speaker, so that you will be able to wirelessly play music in an instant. All that you need to do is to place your mobile device on the speaker in order to connect, and to disconnect, remove it.

Apart from delivering a quick music-listening solution, the audio+ would also function as an inexpensive alternative conferencing solution for both offices and board rooms. It will be different from traditional conferencing solutions, since the audio+ would pave the way for instant connectivity and best of all is, your wallet will not feel the pinch since it would arrive with a sub-$50 price point.

In addition, the audio+ would also make use of induction technology in order to amplify the sound of your tablet or smartphones’ onboard speakers. The audio+ performs the amplification process on your devices speaker by 6x, where it would also add treble and bass-booster technology, ensuring that your ears would be able to enjoy powerful audio without the added frustration of cables or having to go through a sometimes “full of hassle” Bluetooth pairing session. Just set it on the dock and enjoy up to 6 hours of enhanced audio on a full battery charge. You will be able to pick up the FAVI audio+ Wireless Smartphone Speaker in three models, for the iPhone, Android smartphones, or tablets. It takes just 1.5 hours to juice it up, and you can pick from either black or white colors. Any takers for this unique wireless speaker configuration that is set to thrill?

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