Bobino Foldable Phone Holder makes life more convenient when charging your phone

bobinoIt goes without saying that most of us own a smartphone or at the very least, a mobile phone these days. Hence, those of us with smartphones and use them to the fullest will know that one of the “habits” which have been formed in the modern day would include charging our respective handsets at night before we retire in our beds, heads laid down on soft and fluffy pillows. It might be a disaster if the handset is not fully juiced up to meet the next day’s demands, that is for sure. Well, here is the $5.99 Bobino Foldable Phone Holder that will allow you to power up your exhausted smartphone battery in style.

The Bobino Foldable Phone Holder is basically a safe cradle for your handset, where it will play nice with just about all sorts of smartphones in addition to a slew of handheld devices. The friction pad ensures that your phone will remain where it is supposed to be without falling off and causing unnecessary strain on the cable. Not only that, the Bobino Foldable Phone Holder would also arrive in an extremely small form factor which can be folded, making it highly portable so that frequent travelers and road warriors would not have any problems packing one of these with them.