bēm wireless speaker band frees you from the snags of cables


bemwirelessspeakerbandbēm wireless has a brand new Bluetooth speaker which is small enough for you to wear on your wrist, allowing you to access your smartphone and favorite music in a jiffy regardless of where you are. This speaker band will function as a stylish extension of your smartphone, where it is a safe and quick method when it comes down to answering calls whenever you are driving or walking, making it a guaranteed, must-have item for all of you busy folks out there. Right now, it is available for preorder for a limited time only.

This unique speaker band will be compatible with just about any Bluetooth-enabled device, letting you play your favorite tunes regardless of where you are. There is also the presence of an integrated microphone, where it would enable users to be able to answer their calls in a jiffy using the speaker band alone. This would make it a whole lot more safe compared to fumbling around in your purse or pocket for your smartphone, especially when it comes to a situation where it is better for you (and other road users) to have both of your hands on the wheel. Not only that, this unique speaker band is also compatible with majority of the voice recognition apps out there, giving you up to half a dozen hours of talk time.

The presence of a caller ID function would also enable one to screen one’s calls prior to answering – an extremely crucial feature these days considering how there are just some people (and obviously, numbers) that you would want to avoid. Coming in a design that has a soft-touch wrist band for maximum comfort, you will find the presence of multi-function buttons on the side of the speaker band with play, pause, answer, skip, and reverse capabilities. Charging it up is a snap thanks to the micro-USB port located beneath the speaker. You can pick this bad boy up in black, white, blue, red, gray and green colors for $49.99 a pop.

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