AlphaTherm will remove the ice from your windshield with minimal effort


While snow is beautiful during and after its fall, it is an absolute pain should it melt and freeze. Things were bad enough when you have the extra task of shoveling out your driveway in the mornings, but having to scrap ice off of your windshield can make any day feel like Monday. Not only does it require you to be up far earlier than normal, but it can also be dangerous if you’re not dressed properly.

The only way you can fully avoid having to deal with snow and ice on your vehicle is keeping it in a garage. Of course, not all of us have that luxury. However, there are ways to make this particular task far easier, with things like the AlphaTherm Windshield Washer Fluid Heater available. This isn’t just something you can open the box and use, but once installed it will make life much easier should the weather decide to rain on your parade.

This hooks up to your vehicle’s factory installed system, and will start up whenever you turn on your car. The washer fluid will get up to 125-135 degrees Fahrenheit, but will only be enough to spray for about three seconds. To get an effectively heated spray again, you’ll want to wait about 10-20 seconds. Not only will this take the manual labor out of cleaning the ice off of your car, it will also help in the summer and spring with bird droppings, grease, and smudges. You can deactivate it if you’d like, but it will take a small amount of effort. This will cost you around $100, and requires about 30 minutes of setup.

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