Aerolife could be the future of food


The pace of our lives seems to keep going faster and faster. This is likely why we’re constantly seeking ways to make things easier or more streamlined. Eating a meal, which used to be a time of gathering for the family and consuming something made from scratch has now been whittled down to nabbing fast food and getting back to work. There are loads of power and energy bars out there that are trying to take over meals completely, but even that requires taking precious moments away to chew and swallow.

If you don’t have time for even the most basic of functions, then Aerolife will help you to cut out eating almost entirely. This is all you need to stay sharp and focused (as long as it’s paired with real food most likely), and it is literally as easy as breathing. All the vitamins and nutrients you could want have been turned into a powder that you inhale. This is meant to be a meal and energy boost alternative, and comes in a little capsule that can easily be put in your pocket.

There are a variety available, named AeroLife Energy, Sleep, Immunity, Sport, Coffee, and Travel. What they do is pretty much in line with their names, and using them is a matter of pulling the capsule open, breathing in, and pushing it closed. There are a bunch of flavors to choose from, and you can either get a pack or a subscription, ranging in price from around $8-80. While this might be great for those who are annoyed by eating, I am personally too much of a foodie fan to give up munching on amazing meals.

Available for purchase on aerolife, found via redferret

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