Xbox One Play and Charge Kit – Bye, Bye Batteries


Here we are stuck inside for yet another snow day. I don’t mind it, in fact, it’s fun to be warm and cozy inside, playing video games and making snacks, and hot chocolate. Problem is, we just ran out of batteries for the Xbox controllers, and it’s not safe to be out on the road. Darn it! Time to put an end to the action, and watch a movie.

Of course for the next weather emergency, I’ll be prepared. Check out the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit. This nifty little device will keep the game going and recharge while you’re playing, or even when your Xbox is in standby. The Play and Charge Kit is actually a long-lasting rechargeable battery pack that fully charges in under 4 hours. Forget your disposable batteries, and those pesky single recharge-ables, this tidy unit plugs in via micro USB and keeps the action on!

The Xbox One Play and Charge Kit consists of a rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack and 9 foot Charging Cable (USB to Micro-USB) with LED charging indicator that’s located on the cable itself. So if you’re a hard-core Xbox One gamer, and have ever found yourself having to swap out batteries in the middle of a game, the Xbox One Play and Charge kit might be the stuff dreams are made of. Get yours at for under 25 bucks.