Laser Airzooka blasts the heat away


airzookaAs a boy grows older, there is still this innate need to play with toys – toys that explode and cause plenty of “boom” using one’s imagination. Well, how about taking a more creative look at the regular fan with the €18.75 Laser Airzooka? This Laser Airzooka happens to be the similar bucket shaped, high-tech, soft combat, high velocity air cannon which some of us might be familiar with, but as its name suggests, it will come equipped with a “laser”. The “laser” bit here will not be able to vaporize any of your enemies away, but rather, you will be able to “paint” your target with the laser.

Once you have done so, just pull back the quick release, sprung firing mechanism, and let the Laser Airzooka loose on your intended (and perhaps, unsuspecting) victim. They will be hit by an incredibly focused ball of air which will send hair and paperwork flying all over the place. Of course, it might also be a refreshing experience when it is sweltering out there, and you’re sweating bucketloads, but a regular table fan might do the trick in this case. Bear in mind that the targeting sight happens to be a Class I laser, which means it should not be shone into anyone’s eyes under any circumstances. Do keep a handy supply of AAA batteries around because the Laser Airzooka is powered by a pair of these.

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