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Star Trek Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock tells time in the here and now


Between Star Trek and Star Wars, which of the science fiction franchises do you prefer? I personally like the latter, although the movie reboot in recent years has also reignited my interest in Star Trek. The ships in Star Wars are way cooler, including the mammoth Death Star, but in Star Trek, it is comforting to see an effort being made by humanity as well as other alien life form to explore new worlds in a non-invasive manner. Being discreet is the keyword here. Here is the $49.99 Star Trek Enterprise Projection Alarm Clock that would be the perfect addition to any Trekkie’s room or office table.

The NCC-1701 will be able to tell you just what time it is, as it projects the time on a wall or ceiling. Nacelles will light up whenever the alarm goes off, and your eyes will be able to tell the exact time since all of the digital numbers are projected in large, red figures. Not only that, sounds from the original series will also be played back accordingly. Surely this would be the ideal alarm clock that is also futuristic to a certain extent in your home? It comes with a 5 minute snooze function, plays back sounds such as red alert, photon torpedos, and Kirk calling from the Bridge, and will be powered by a quartet of LR44 button cell batteries.

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