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Personal Steam Inhaler does not overwhelm your breathing capability


There are times in life when a superlative is used to describe a particular device or product which would definitely lead to the question – does it live up to its reputation? Well, Hammacher’s Best Personal Steam Inhaler which will cost you $149.95 a pop is certainly a device that ought to work on par with its namesake, otherwise The Hammacher Schlemmer Institute would lose its credibility not long after. Touted to be “the best” when it comes to steaming effectiveness, it also ranks pretty highly when it comes to comfort and ease of use. Just how does the Best Personal Steam Inhaler work in our modern day context?

For starters, it comes with a patented capillary force vapor technology which will be able to produce a micromist of 5-micron steam which panelists have described as “comfortably warm without being overwhelming,” making it different from other units that sprayed droplets of hot water. This particular model does not need any kind of warm-up before it can deliver results, and it produces germ-free vapor for up to 25 minutes. Considering how other models tested required five minutes alone just to heat up, and these units ran dry after a mere seven minutes, you can tell why the Best Personal Steam Inhaler has been hailed so. Sporting a flexible rubber mask which will contour to the shape of your face, ensuring that steam is unable to escape, it will also feature a temperature control that keeps the mist between a comfortable 105° F and 115° F. Each purchase comes with a carrying bag and 280 ml of demineralized water.

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