High Repetition Swing Perfecting Trainer might be your first step to the Big Leagues


swing-perfecting-trainerThey say that practice makes perfect, and in just about any and every case, this particular saying holds true. After all, repetitive movement of a particular muscle group leads to muscle memory – and hopefully, perfection after that. Just like how Tiger Woods changes his swing from time to time in order to chase even more glory on the green, so too, does a baseball player have the chance to work on his swing to bat it right out of the park when the day comes. The $399.95 High Repetition Swing Perfecting Trainer will enable batters to hit up to 450 balls in 30 minutes, making you wonder whether you have the endurance and energy to keep up with it.

The High Repetition Swing Perfecting Trainer would come equipped with a regulation baseball that is tethered by bungee cords to the included home plate alongside a bar that hangs overhead. As a batter, you will hit the the ball into the net, where it will then take a matter of seconds to recoil into its original position, resulting in up to 15 swings every single minute. The bottom bungee cord will be attached to home plate in 10 different locations, which would then enable batters to practice pulling inside pitches, hitting outside pitches to the opposite field, and hitting pitches over the middle of the plate to centerfield. The ball’s hanging position is also adjustable, as you raise or lower it to accommodate batters regardless of their age or height.

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