Doctor Who Collector Series Dalek Watch lets you tell the time in style


dalek-watchAre you a huge Doctor Who fan? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would know that if there is anything at all to do with Doctor Who, merchandise included, it would be worth checking out the $199.99 Doctor Who Collector Series Dalek Watch. Touted to be one of the last vestiges of the great Time War, this is a limited-edition Doctor Who Dalek timepiece which comes in a beautiful gold case alongside blue design elements alongside black leather. To make sure that it is well worth every single penny that you paid, it arrives with its own unique serial number as well as a presentation gift box.

This particular watch’s Dalek design would certainly roll back one’s memories of of Dalek Caan’s armored shell, where it boasts of brassy gold balls on a black leather band, sporting an ornate gold frame and angular blue text, alongside an eye-stalk for a winder. Do not worry about family or friends coming up to you and saying that this is some sort of fake or bootleg version, since this is an officially licensed piece of Doctor Who merchandise. Good thing it comes with a battery right out of the box to get you started right away.

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Kirk Says: February 1, 2014 at 5:52 pm

What an awesome (but geeky!) watch 😀 Thanks for posting it, I will get one. Wouldn’t have found it without this…

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