The Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern can come out and play or be packed away

When traveling with everything on your back, every bit of space will need to be used appropriately. You want to pack as lightly and efficiently as possible, but that often comes at a price. Lightweight tents and sleeping bags that have the durability to stand up to harsh weather will cost more than something you’d want for a weekend romp in the woods.

Aside from a campfire, you’ll probably want a light source that is easy to keep charged, and won’t take up much room with your gear. The Hand-Crank Accordion Lantern measures at only 1.75×3.5” when closed, and 4.5×3.5” when open. When compressed, it can be used as a flashlight, and when fully extended, it can be a lantern.

If you don’t feel like cranking away for hours to charge your gear, then you can always plug it in via USB and have a full charge within 4 hours. Although, it may feel a bit more like cheating to bypass all the hard work. Either way, having the option would be nice, just in case you face an emergency and end up needing the manual mode. Made of ABS and Polyethylene Plastic, it’s very easy to keep clean as you only need to wipe it down. This will cost close to $30, and while it may not be perfect for long backpacking travels, it would be nice to have around for a short stint in the woods.

Available for purchase on Momastore, found via thegreenhead