Hadoro Rolls Out First iPhone 5s In Gold

hadoro-iphone5sHave you heard of Hadoro before? If you have not, you might want to start checking them out – they happen to have their headquarters planted at the heart of the French jewelry industry in Paris. Hadoro’s team of craftsmen have managed to come up with a unique iPhone that has been produced using 125 grams of massive 18K gold. It has been specially designed and printed with 3D technology, and each of the final product is different from another since they are all finished by hand, although you can expect the same standard of excellence for all of them. In fact, Hadoro’s artisans claim to have invested over 200 hours of brushing, polishing and refining to the smallest details.

This would mean the iPhone 5s will now be a luxury object without sacrificing on its cutting edge technology, now how about that for some much needed bling in your inventory? It is a no-brainer then that this is a limited edition handset, where only 50 of these puppies will be produced. You will be able to pick up Hadoro’s massive gold iPhone 5s in yellow or red gold, with the starting asking price of 55,000 Euros. The first specimens, however, will be available in the Collette Store that is located in Paris, France.

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