Felix introduces FlipStand and FlipStand mini iPad cases


felixFelix is not the black cartoon cat character, but rather, a company that churns out accessories for mobile devices. This time around, Felix is the company behind an iPad case which is extremely versatile and adaptable to its surroundings, namely the FlipStand and FlipStand mini. This is an ergonomic case which would enable users to locate the perfect angle required so that they can maximize the enjoyment of their device to its maximum potential, be it reading an e-book, watching a movie, browsing the Web, attending to your emails, or even chatting on FaceTime. In fact, the FlipStand boasts of a repertoire of 22 unique positions, while the FlipStand mini will be able to deliver up to 16 various angles to suit any and every occasion.

The whole objective of the FlipStand nd FlipStand mini is to introduce simplicity whenever you are using your iPad. It is a snap to switch between portrait and landscape positions, depending on the kind of activity that you are involved in. All you need to do is slide the iPad out, flip it, and reposition it, and you’re good to go. Now, don’t think that it is rocket science to remember all 22 positions of the FlipStand, since it comes with 22 ridges that will lock the tablet into place securely. Once you’re done with whatever task at hand, just release the kickstand and fold it flat so that your precious iPad will be captured under the secure clip on the case, keeping it safe and sound from unwanted scratches, nicks and bumps.

Fashionistas, fret not that the FlipStand and FlipStand mini will cramp your style, since they will both arrive in a couple of svelte finishes, namely classic black-on-black or stylish tan-on-white. Regardless of which model you decide to pick, either one will cost you $49.99. Not too shabby a deal, really.

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