Weather Alert Wristwatch makes planning your day easier


weather-alert-watchWhen I was a wee lad, I know that my mom worried plenty about the clothes that she hung out to dry, as whenever she headed out from the house and the sky starts to look threatening, she would wonder about whether it would pour and undo all her hard work. Well, I suppose all of that uncertainty would not have happened if she had the $199.95 Weather Alert Wristwatch in the first place. This digital timepiece will feature integrated weather instruments alongside an alarm which is capable of alerting wearers whenever extreme weather is about to land on your doorstep.

The Weather Alert Wristwatch has been described to be ideal for tracking weather conditions whenever one goes hiking, biking, or engaging in other outdoor activities. Should the integrated barometer detect a sudden rise or fall in atmospheric pressure, it will then sound the alarm to warn the user of any potential danger. The watch itself will also come with an altimeter that is accurate to within one meter, a thermometer, and a compass, where all of these are easily activated via protruding buttons which can be operated with gloves on. Not only that, the watch itself will also be able to save up to 42 hours of barometric data, showing all of it in a graphical manner that is easy to understand. Running low on battery power is not an issue either, since it can be juiced up via any light source thanks to an integrated solar cell in the watch’s mineral crystal.

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