Magnic Light iC – magnets…how do they work?

Magnic Light ic
Traveling by bicycle is easy and low-cost, so you would think that everyone would be doing it. However, it does take some coordination, more time to travel to and fro, and is far more dangerous than being in a vehicle. They don’t come with standard lights or temperature control either, but if you know how to dress properly for the weather and purchase a decent set of lights, you should be alright.

Finding the right lighting equipment to put on your bike can be annoying. Batteries need to be kept up with, mounting is a pain, and some have cables you need to worry about. The Magnic iC is certainly going to change all that. This is a light that is powered by your cycling, and doesn’t touch your wheel, give you any cables to mess with, or provide you with any resistance while you ride. The best part is that you’ll never have to worry about batteries ever again!

This has a very bright LED light that will keep steady while you ride or slow to a stop. It runs on a little generator full of magnets, that needs to be near a wheel that has aluminum rims. Getting a set for the the front and back of your bike will cost you around $180, and as this crowdfunding campaign is about to reach a stretch goal, all lights will probably come with an anti-theft system which you can mount.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter