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Karma 4G WiFi Hotspot lets you stay connected in style


Forget about 3G, 4G or LTE connectivity is where the action’s at these days if you want speedy mobile connectivity. Well, with so many different kinds of mobile carriers to choose from in a healthy and fairly competitive market, surely you might want to consider the $79.99 Karma 4G WiFi Hotspot as part of your next round of hardware purchases? This particular device follows a “Fair Share” model, being a pay-as-you-go WiFi hotspot, giving you the flexibility of connecting up to 8 different devices simultaneously. After all, you can never quite tell just when you would need an open WiFi connection, can you?

The Karma 4G WiFi Hotspot comes with 1GB of data to get you started right out of the box, and it is nice to know that this pay-as-you-go model would mean you do not need to top it up every single month, or at a specific expiry date. Basically, each subsequent 1GB will cost you $14 after that, and if you are being the hotspot host, your generosity would let you remain connected longer than usual since each time someone hooks up to your Karma, you will end up with another 100MB of data, and the goodness cycle does not end there, too. They themselves would be on the receiving end of another 100MB of data. The network of choice would be Sprint’s 4G WiMAX.

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ah ne Says: February 23, 2014 at 12:35 am

Could it used for MacBook Air

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