The Tranquility Pod will help you de-stress over parting with a lot of money

Tranquility Pod
There are many hoops we are willing to jump through so that we can get to a point where we can relax. Sometimes, we work so much and for so long that we can forget how to unwind, making a very unpleasant circle of working too much and being frustrated. While a nap and taking a moment or two to breathe can do a world of improvement, some need a spacial and visual quiet place to gather their thoughts.

If you work and live in a very high-stress environment, and don’t have the time, energy, or talent to create a quiet nook in your space, then the Tranquility Pod might be a good thing to have around. This looks like a giant, white M&M with an opening to a 76” diameter suede-topped memory foam cushion that covers a waterbed. Of course, it comes with two suede pillows as well.

If that doesn’t sound extravagant enough already, buckle in, because this thing costs $30,000, and has to have enough features to make it worth that price tag. Once inside, 90% of exterior sound is blocked out of this fiberglass pod. There is a four-speaker 80-watt sound system inside so you only have to listen to what you want to hear as you can plug in your smartphone for specific playlists. The subwoofer will add some vibration to the bed, undoubtedly to ease back pain. There are also 50 LEDs inside of the pod that can be whatever color you wish, and thanks to a pulse sensor, they can synchronize with your heart rate. This seems very similar to depictions of what being a womb might be like, and that is probably what makes it seem so comfortable and serene. Well, unless your claustrophobic.

Available for purchase via Hammacher Schlemmer

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  1. Well, if it doesn’t have the ability to block out EMF and radio frequency pollution, then the maker of this product is wasting everyone’s time; the product will be a colossal rip off for those that buy into it.

    Does it block out wifi signals? Does it block out cell phone signals? Does it block out other microwaves? If yes, then this product is worth the investment for those that can afford it because a lot of the exterior sound is not heard but felt at the cellular level that actually leads to stress [contact me for reference]. Otherwise, stir clear of another sales pitching on a rest bed that “blocks out 90% of exterior sound.”

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