The Techslinger is a tablet holster

Our gadgets are important to us. How we look, is also somewhat important to us. It’s only been in the last few years that being ‘nerdy’ has become a trend, as it certainly didn’t have a positive connotation beforehand. If you enjoy wearing your badge of geekery with pride, but still want to look somewhat professional, you have to dress yourself accordingly.

The Techslinger is not a bad idea, but not everyone is going to want to holster their iPad up against themselves and wear a harness to do it. Other than sounding like a cross between a technomage and a gunslinger, this could be a good way of carrying your tablet, phone, and a few other valuables around. However, you might be testing the line between trendy and actually nerdy.

These are made out of high-quality materials, and come in a variety of sizes and colors. You will need to wash it by hand sadly, which for some people is quite the deterrent. Depending on which size you get, this can cost you anywhere from $40-70. Seeing that this would take the place of your messenger bag or purse, it’s a fair price. However, you’ll have to enjoy the notion of strapping into your gear every morning, and getting plenty of weird looks as this almost seems more costume than functional. There are plenty of adjustable straps to get yourself fit in snugly, and everything is kept in place by a button snap strap.

Available for purchase on Techslinger, found via Redferret