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Is there anything worse than your cell phone dying right when you need it the most? I don’t know about you, but it seems like I can yap all day on a single charge, unless I have some sort of emergency. Flat tire, stuck in traffic… on my way to the hospital. Inevitably, when I really need the darn phone, it’s dead. Lately, there happens to be a very nice selection of ways to keep your tech charged, so dead phones are becoming thing of the past.

Check out the Plug Purse, a very inexpensive solution to your problem, the Plug Purse is a small wristlet style purse, with a mobile phone charger built right inside. Plug Purse has everything you want from a little handbag, in that it’s small, but has enough room to carry most of your essentials. Use it as your everyday bag, or if, like me, you like to haul around more stuff, use it as a wallet and cell phone holder. The Plug Purse has a rechargeable internal battery that holds enough power to completely recharge your cell phone, and the internal power cord is built right in so you’ll never lose it, and it is compatible with virtually all cell phones.

So if you want a cute, convenient and very affordable phone charging option that you’re not likely to forget when you leave the house, get yourself the Plug Purse. The Plug Purse will hold your keys, makeup, checkbook and credit cards with ease, recharges easily via USB, and comes in your choice of black, pink, teal, red or brown. All for under 20 bucks, at

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