Lytro Light Field Camera helps you stay focused all the time

lytroThere are some gadgets out there that are really worth taking a second look, or a third even, sometimes. The £399.99 Lytro Light Field Camera would definitely be one of them, where you would never be able to lose focus of your subject whenever you want to capture something for posterity. Arriving in four different shades, Electric Blue, Graphite, Moxie Pink and Seaglass Green, the Lytro Light Field Camera would allow you to actually refocus pictures right after you have snapped them – now how about that?

Not only that, with this particular device, you are also able to shift the perspective, where it will provide you with the equivalent experience as though you are in an extremely short 3D movie. With the ability to create tactile living images that tell a story, the Lytro Light Field Camera would certainly ensure that you would no longer look at regular still photos with the same sense of wonder anymore, since those would be static and extremely boring. Instagram who? Just how does the Lytro Light Field Camera deliver its magic? It will record the entire light field instead of just a 2D image, and since there is no need for autofocus, this does away with shutter delays, letting you capture that shot on the spot.

Arriving in an anodized aluminium housing, the Lytro Light Field Camera is strong yet incredibly lightweight, while its textured silicon grip allows you to shoot with one or hand effortlessly, although we will not hold you guilty for using both hands.