ReelKlip will reel in your phone if you drop it


We don’t need a fancy smartphone, but they certainly make our lives more entertaining and easier. They give you the ability to reach friends and family through their preferred method of communication, provide you with games, music, and keep you connected to the world at large. However, all of their snazzy abilities come at a price.

This price is so high that you would think they would refrain from making these things primarily out of glass. Even though it’s usually reinforced, a bump on a rock in just the right place will still crack it. These aren’t easy to replace, so we spend quite a bit of money on cases that tout the ability to protect our lifelines from shocks, bumps, and drops. What if instead of trying to absorb the impact, we focused more on preventing the fall? The ReelKlip will make sure your phone won’t try to escape your grasp, by keeping it on a short leash.

This is a combination of a a gripping band that goes around your phone, 3.5feet Kevlar thread, and a tension-set coil that will pull your phone back to the clip so that it can’t greet the ground. It still looks as though it could fall out of the elastic-type band it sits in, but the creators were quick to assure those who questioned them that it would hold. One of these will cost you around $17, and could be just what you need if you’re more worried about dropping your phone than you are with it being able to absorb the impact of a fall.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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