Onewheel is a self-balancing skateboard that will let you soar on the streets


Riding a bicycle or skateboard to and from your destinations is an environmentally friendly and healthy way to travel. However, not everyone possesses the skills necessary to balance themselves atop two wheels or a board. If you like the idea, but don’t think it’s possible for you, then you’ve likely looked into some other people-mover options that can balance themselves, and don’t require gas for fuel.

The Onewheel is one such option, but is far more portable and looks cooler than a Segway. This resembles a skateboard, but only has one go-kart type wheel in the middle. It can balance itself, and thanks to it’s cushy wheel you won’t feel any bumps or protuberances while on the road or sidewalk. Those who have ridden it say it’s similar to riding on a wave or fresh snow. It’s capable of going up to twelve miles per hour, and your speed is controlled by leaning forward or backward. Should you choose, you can even go in reverse!

It only takes 2 hours to recharge, and as it is minute-for-minute recharging, I assume that’s also its battery life. There is a fast charging cable available that will juice up the Onewheel in about 20 minutes, but it will undoubtedly cost more. It has a weight limit of around 250 pounds, and can’t go on an incline larger that 10%, as the front of the board goes down to move forward. This will cost you around $1,400, and is currently a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

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