Pebble Aria Portable Charger and Speaker – pump up the jam


Pebble Aria
When you’re traveling, the most wonderful feeling is plopping into a chair at the hotel. You’re tired physically and mentally, but getting to your destination is usually just the beginning of your adventure. In an attempt to lessen the jumble and bustling aspect of moving from place to place, we listen to music to ease our minds, and keep our head on straight. We listen while in transit from point A to B, as well as when we arrive at a place where we can relax.

Oftentimes, our phone is the hub for music and entertainment, so it’s important that we keep it charged. When you can’t quite make it to an outlet, having a backup battery can swoop in to save the day. If you want an accessory that can fill the shoes for both a charger and a speaker, then the Pebble Aria will fit the bill. It can connect to any device that will fit a 3.5mm jack, is lightweight, pocket-sized, and since it plays the part of two accessories, it means there will be less for you to carry.

This has a 3500mAh battery, which means it can charge your phone almost two times or can play music for up to 70 hours. Inside is a 2W speaker which won’t bring down the house, but will be loud enough for dancing around your hotel room without having to move it. Just try not to make your neighbors hate you too much. It will cost around $65, and can easily tuck into your bag when it’s not needed.

Available for purchase on Firebox

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