The Melting Watch challenges the way others see the world

Melting Watch
Whether or not we mean to, there is a certain way we think the world is going to be. Creatures of habit, we become used to our surroundings, and when things are out of place, our eyes are drawn to it. If you enjoy that sort of thing, then you probably don’t mind wearing clothes that are a bit out of place, or keeping an eclectic style among your belongings.

If you happen to be one such person, and are also a fan of The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali, then you will most likely love the Melting Watch. There is a larger version of this that is meant to sit on your shelf or desk, but it’s certainly not nearly as portable. This is a regular wristwatch that looks as though the face and casing of the watch are dribbling over the sides of your wrist.

This chrome analog watch uses a black rubber strap to keep it securely fastened on your wrist. The colors are simplistic using a white face with black and silver as its compliments, as any boisterous colors might make this a little too much to look at all at once. As it’s not made of precious metals or encrusted in diamonds, this will only cost you $30. If not for yourself, then this could be a delightful gift for friends who are art lovers, or fond of challenging the norm.

Available for purchase on gadgetsandgear, found via redferret