ROCCAT Siru mouse pad is super thin

roccat-siruGamers are an extremely particular lot about the kind of gaming hardware that they use, ranging from the video cards to the motherboards and processors. Of course, as you move up the ladder in terms of the gaming world, you would also need to look the part – that is, to have a decent or at least upmarket gaming keyboard as well as mouse. While most of the modern gaming mice these days are able to work on just about any kind of surface (we would not recommend shiny glass though), it is always nice to have a mousepad accompany the mouse. ROCCAT knows this, which is why they have just announced their cutting-edge gaming mousepad that is known as the Siru.

The Siru from ROCCAT boasts of a unique, blade-thin gaming surface which measures under a millimeter thick. That is really, really thin, of course, and it would also end up being one of the thinnest mousepads that have been created to date. This ultra-thin, single-layer Siru is made up of a battle-ready, easy-to-clean top which provides high glide and outstanding control, where it will also be accompanied by a reusable, non-slip backing that anchors to your desktop. The innovative design of the mousepad is said to deliver direct desktop feedback, paving the way for exceptionally precise tracking as well as lightning-fast aim corrections.

The Siru itself will measure 13.35” x 9.84” x 0.01”, which more or less makes it nearly invisible from the desktop surface. Since it is already so thin, the mouse will be able to sit on the exact same level as your desktop, which results in providing gamers with a superb direct response that will result in exceptionally true and precise tracking, in addition to the ability to make rapid, accurate cursor corrections. Apart from that, the Siru’s innovative surface has been field-tested with over 80 laser and optical mice so that you know for sure you are in for precise control at all times, being stylish and deadly simultaneously.

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