Hip Deep Tissue Massager helps loosen up them muscles

hipdeepWe all need a good massage once in a while, something that will unravel the knots within our bodies and to provide a decent amount of relief. Well, you can always book a weekly, fortnightly or monthly appointment with your favorite massage therapist, or you can take a slightly different route that totally eliminates human interaction, but allows you to enjoy it in privacy and at your convenience, right in the comfort of your own home to boot. Enter the $149.95 Hip Deep Tissue Massager, where this particular massager will sport a unique shape and powerful percussive nodes that will work deep into hip and lumbar tissue so that all of those stiff muscles will be loosened.

As you rest against the enveloping U-shaped cushion in a chair, the massage heads which are located on each side will be able to provide Swedish-style rhythmic tapotement that will do their bit to stimulate blood flow to revitalize tired and sore muscles. It will target the following areas – the lower back, hip, and sides, which are all areas that other massagers are unable to reach easily. Not only that, the Hip Deep Tissue Massager can also double up as a device that reinvigorates muscles on the thighs, calves, and feet. It will sport a simple four-button control panel so that users are able to customize their massage simply by selecting from an automatic program or nine manual settings, where each of them will sport another nine levels of intensity.