The Cocoon GRID-IT will help you organize all of your accessories clearly and concisely


To keep everything we need on hand, we carry a bag around so we can toss all the necessary odds and ends inside. Of course, once they enter your bag, they quickly become a jumbled mess. Cords tangle, flash drives and batteries hide in folds of fabric, and your phone gets scraped up by bits and bobs that it runs into while you travel from point A to B.

Unless you already have a bag with a plethora of pockets, or are willing to purchase one outright, you’ll want an efficient method of keeping your items organized. The GRID-IT is an accessory organizer that looks chaotic until it is put to work. It’s a rubberized woven elastic object on which you can secure items great and small. It uses a patchwork of criss-cross bands with grip on them that can hold just about anything firmly in place.

Thanks to their sporadic placement, there are endless configurations available to you. This only comes in black, and will cost you around $25. Once you’ve loaded it up with all of your stuff, just slid it into your bag. From then on, you’ll know exactly where everything is, and can get to it without having to fight a torrent of keys, gadgets, and cables. This would also be a great way to keep your desk surface or drawers neat and tidy.

Available for purchase on cocooninnovations

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