Myris by EyeLock – Because Fingerprint Scanners are so Last Year


So the big craze with teens this holiday season was the new iPhone 5S with it’s high tech fingerprint scanner. Now, these same kids are telling me the scanner can be outsmarted with a warmed up gummy bear, which can be used to “lift” a print and outsmart the Touch ID… yikes! That’s not the kind of security I was looking for.

Check out EyeLock, a company that spent the last 7 years making sure their scanning software would mean having some real security. EyeLock brings to you, Myris, a cutting edge scanning dongle that allows you to scan your eyes, and then create a unique and encrypted code based on your iris. Now that sounds almost fool-proof , and since no two irises are alike, the chances of a false match are less than one in two trillion.

So if having no more user names and passwords interests you, here’s how it works, each dongle let’s up to five people create an account. Each of these users get to scan their eyes, and thereby create a unique code based not their iris that will then be used for authentication. Easy-peasy!

If you think that having Myris by your side would help you coordinate your security efforts, then you’re going to want to sign up for availability info or reserve a Myris for yourself. Visit for videos and more information.