Monocle Speaker delivers a level of sonic sophistication

monocle-speakerA monocle is more often than not something that a sophisticated person wears, especially in the olden days. The thing is, monocles are all about sight – but what about sound? This is where the £39.99 Monocle Speaker comes in, where it bridges the gap between sight and sound, coming in a design that does not betray its namesake, and yet delivering audio quality that would put a smile on your face (as well as that of the listeners in the vicinity, assuming you do not play any kind of music that are not to their liking, of course).

The Monocle Speaker will be able to offer a fresh and distinguished music-listening experience, where it sports powerful 40mm sound drivers which are capable of delivering first-rate sound quality. One can best describe the Monocle Speaker to be a 3-in-1 Speaker, Handset, and Speakerphone, where a single full charge will be able to let it enjoy up to a whopping 5 hours of non-stop playback, where it sports a brushed-metal speaker grill as well as soft-touch rubberized volume wheel. This seems to be the perfect speaker for the distinguished, modern day gentleman.