Hot Cans – Warming You Up from the Inside



There are those of us that love the winter, and those of us that don’t. I happen to fall into the former category. However, it doesn’t really matter which side of the fence you’re on, freezing your butt off does not add to the fun, and sometimes dressing warmly isn’t enough… sometimes, you just need a steaming hot cup of cocoa, and sometimes, there’s zero chance of you getting your hands on one… until now.

Check out Hot Can, a nifty new way to be sure you can have a hot soup, or beverage, anytime, and anywhere you want one. These self-heating, recyclable and non toxic cans of gut warming goodness can keep hot for up to 45 minutes and don’t require a kitchen, campfire, or electricity.

Simply turn the can upside down and break the special seal to allow heating to begin. Shake the can from side to side before setting it upright and waiting for the 3 minute heating time to end, open your can, and enjoy. Evidently, were not talking about a disappointingly luke warm beverage here.. we’re talking a nice steaming cup of liquid deliciousness.

So whether it be a cup of soup, hot chocolate, or a coffeehouse favorite you crave, Hot Cans may be just what you’re looking for to turn a winter’s day into a pleasure. For a complete list of flavors, or for ordering information please visit You can take the chill off for only about 2 bucks a can,and you’ll look oil doing it.

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