Griffin Merchant Case + Square Reader starts to ship


griffin-merchantGriffin has started to ship their Merchant Case + Square Reader after making a successful announcement of the device over at the recently concluded CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In fact, the Merchant Case is touted to be the first protective solution of its kind that has been specially optimized for the spanking new Square Reader. According to a certain J. Curtis, who is the Director of B2B Product Development at Griffin, “We’re extremely excited about the enthusiastic response to the Merchant case. Our case, combined with a Square Reader, is a perfect solution for business on-the-go.”

It might not sound like big news to some of us, but the Square reader could come in handy down the road if this particular technology is adopted across a wider scale among the masses. As for the Merchant case itself, it will come across as a custom-molded chassis which will be able to secure the Square Reader in place, all the while doing away with any kind of excess strain on the iPhone’s headphone jack when it is connected. There will also be a groove that runs across the bottom which will align with the Square Reader, enabling credit cards to slide through it easily and consistently.

Made out of a durable silicone, the case itself will protect the handset from knocks as well as unexpected drops, while the case’s non-slip material would make it a snap to hand over for customers’ signatures. Apart from that, there is also a built-in slot that is located on the back of the case which will be able to conveniently stash the Square Reader away whenever there is no need to use it.

The Merchant Case + Square Reader will play nice with the Square Register, where it is the free point of sale app that allows anyone, anywhere, accept credit card payments and run their business. Sporting a customizable checkout flow, smart business analytics, and digital receipts, Square Register would be able to assist businesses regardless of its size and type. Expect to pick up the Merchant case + Square Reader for $19.99 a pop.

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