Illoom Balloons light up the air

illoomIs there any other way to improve the balloon as we know it? You know, those staples that are at any decent social event like a birthday party or a celebratory experience. Most of these balloons are filled with helium, where cutting off their string would send these balloons up to the sky before they finally pop. Alternatively, balloons are great to be used in a water fight, although cleaning up after that could prove to be rather messy. Here is an interesting take on what the humble balloon could be – in the form of the £9.99 Illoom Balloons.

The Illoom Balloons will be able to add more than just a dash of color to any party with their glowing ability, where it will arrive in a range of bright shades. The balloons themselves are capable of maintaining their glow for up to 15 hours, and they are extremely easy to activate – all that you need to do would be to pull the tab, and you’re good to go. All of the Illoom Balloons would contain a minute LED each, where all you need to do is to pull the tab, and the light is activated. Follow that act up by blowing the balloon, or to fill it up with helium. Simply brilliant!