Scosche RHYTHM SMART + heart monitor

scosche-wristbandScosche has just unveiled the brand new RHYTHM SMART + heart monitor, where this particular device is worn around your arm as an armband, and it will be able to optically measure blood flow as well as one’s movement in order to calculate one’s heart rate as well as number of calories burned in a far more accurate manner compared to standard issue heart rate monitors.

The dual mode wireless configuration will comprise of Bluetooth Smart as well as ANT + capabilities, which would enable it to pair up with smartphones, sport watches and exercise equipment within a range of up to 100 feet away. The RHYTHM SMART + will be compatible with the most popular fitness apps, where among them include RunKeeper, Map My Fitness, Strava and all other apps which supports Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitors.

In addition, the inclusion of its onboard memory would allow users to enjoy a workout in freeRUN mode without having to tote this particular device around with them. The Scosche RHYTHM SMART + heart monitor comes in the form of a low-profile activity tracker, where it will be made from a silicone and polycarbonate hybrid, and it can be comfortably fastened to the forearm right below the elbow, complete with a breathable neoprene arm-strap. Not only that, sporting IP67 waterproof construction, it will be able to protect the RHYTHM SMART + from sweat or rain, letting it to remain submerged up to 1 meter deep to boot. You can also adjust volume and control tracks using the touch of a button without having to interrupt your workout, so that you do not need to remove the handset.

The heart monitor itself will synchronize itself to the user’s iOS or Android device and it will also play nice with the free RHYTHM app to track, store and share workout data. Any takers?

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