Doctor Who Yellow Dalek USB Desk Protector gets rid of unwanted colleagues


dalek-usb-protectorDo you happen to have an exceptionally strong interest in all things Doctor Who? Should the answer be “Yes”, then you might be pleased to check out this $52.99 Yellow Dalek USB Desk Protector that ought to do its job to make sure that your desk remains off limits to people whom you do not really like, especially at the office. Of course, the Yellow Dalek USB Desk Protector will not be able to zap anyone into submission, but considering how it comes with a flashing light, a motion detector as well as a quartet of Dalek sounds, it is about as real as it gets – the rest of it depends on your imagination.

All you need to do is to plug in the Yellow Dalek USB Desk Protector into any available USB port, and you can be sure that the other items on your desk such as paper clips and stapler will remain there without being touched by anyone else, ever again. The light that is located on its ‘head’ will flash whenever it picks up any kind of motion in the vicinity, thanks to the infrared beam. Apart from that, it will also reacts with one of four sounds: namely hover sound effects, ‘Exterminate!,’ ‘Time, Jump, Imminent Repair,’ and gun sound effects.

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