TREWGrip Mobile QWERTY is going to test your keyboard prowess


There are some things that we become so accustomed to that we feel uncomfortable when they change. Keyboards have been relatively the same for a very long while, and even though there are a few strange variants out there, not all of them work for everyone. This is the prime reason why the layout hasn’t changed too drastically for the masses. As our technology evolves more and more, we need faster ways to input information that doesn’t cause our hands to cramp up so easily.

While it’s not the first rear-type keyboard to emerge onto the market, the TREWGrip Mobile QWERTY is hoping to be a more ergonomic option for typists. It’s perfect for those who have fingers that block the screen of their phone, but need to write one or more important emails in a short amount of time while on the go. This can connect to your phone, tablet, TV, or PC through Bluetooth.

The standard QWERTY keyboard has been split and rotated for this device so that you can touch-type quickly and effectively. It does say that you need about 8-10 hours on it to become proficient, but judging the amount of time we spend at our computers daily anyway, that is only a day or two. Initially this was made for healthcare professionals, but once it was seen as a product that can be used by mobile device users everywhere, they’re of course not going to turn down the possibility for more money. It’s not going to be available for some time, but it will cost somewhere between $250-350. More information should surface in the coming week as it will be shown at CES.

More information can be found on trewgrip

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