Project Christine could be the new wave of computing technology

project-christineWe happen to live in a world that demands efficiency from us. After all, there is nothing quite like working at our level best, is there? When it comes to computing performance, excellence is always called upon for, whether you are crunching numbers on a spreadsheet, or simply are a hard core gamer who wants to crank every single possible frame out. Razer has announced a concept that might just change the world of computers down the road with their modular gaming system that is known as Project Christine.

The PC has been touted to be one of the most open platforms where technology is concerned, but it does have its own drawbacks, too. There are technical complexities where the PC is concerned in terms of hardware, and Project Christine with its revolutionary new concept design will hopefully change the way that PCs are viewed. In a nutshell, Project Christine would enable any user to be able to build and customize his or her PC in any configuration without the need for any technical knowledge beforehand. Apart from that, upgrading your computer is a snap, since as new upgrades are introduced to the market, the very same machine can be easily and quickly upgraded without the need for additional technical assistance, not to mention doing away with the fear of incompatibility or obsolescence.

Project Christine’s modular design allows you to select and install modules on-the-fly, whether it’s a CPU, GPU, or memory and storage configuration. The PCI-Express architecture of Project Christine makes it easy to sync components automatically, and should you require additional graphics processing power or storage, the solution is a snap. Just slot-in another graphics modules and throw in additional storage after you swap out the current storage drives or adding more modules. Do you think that Project Christine has what it takes to succeed?

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  1. This modular technology is awesome! Now, switching parts will be easier than ever, opening various possibilities of mixing and matching parts we never thought could go together before. I hope this comes into fruition.

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