Practice for your recital with the Thanko Piano Gloves



Jamming out some tunes in a garage with friends is a little bit different than playing a classical piece for a recital in front of an audience. There are markings on the music which you have to pay close attention to, and if you want to do the original composer any justice, you’d better not mess up. While you want to rehearse on a real instrument as much as possible, it is common practice to pantomime the movements and fingerings while going about your day.

Pianists usually need a wide stretch of table to have enough space to make it realistic, but sometimes actually hearing the notes alongside pretend-playing helps. The Thanko Piano Gloves will help you move the correct fingers as well as be able to hear what you would be playing should a real piano be in front of you. There is a white glove for treble, and a black glove for bass with notes and signs indicating where you should place pressure.

In all there are four octaves you can play with. When the palm of your hand isn’t on the table, you’re in the middle register, and when it is pressed down, you’ll either go higher or lower depending on which glove it is. This does require four AAA batteries, and hooks into a small round speaker where you can control a metronome, the volume, and more. There aren’t any sharps or flats, so it won’t give you full practicing power, but it would still be fun to play around with. Well, if you’re willing to shell out $71 to do so that is.

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