Logitech introduces Logitech PRO slim protective case that sports a keyboard


logitech-proWhen it comes to the world of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, one thing is for sure – accessories manufactured for it will definitely be a decent income source, especially when the particular recipient of all these accessories is a best seller. Take Apple’s iPhone as well as iPod touch family for instance – those have definitely made a number of accessories manufacturers successful beyond their wildest dreams. Having said that, Swiss company Logitech, too, does not want to miss out on this accessory bandwagon, and has come up with what they call the Logitech PRO, an extremely slim protective case for the recently announced Samsung Galaxy NotePRO and Samsung Galaxy TabPRO tablets, where it will also sport a full-size built-in Bluetooth keyboard to boot, now how about that for being extremely productive while you are on the move?

Both of Samsung’s latest tablets will feature 12.2-inch displays, where it will hopefully let you be as productive as you can be. Well, it is nice to know that apart from offering the usual level of protection against the likes of knocks and scratches, the Logitech PRO will also be a perfect complement by offering a full-size keyboard. This unique form factor would theoretically speaking, offer an identical typing experience like the one on your notebook. In addition, there will be another row of Android shortcut keys that will enable your most frequently used programs (apps, e-mail and the like) easily accessible. Since it is also slim, it should not be an issue to tote it with you wherever you go.

On the outside, the Logitech PRO would feature durable, wipeable exterior materials as well as a SecureLock system which ensures that your tablet remains firmly in place. Apart from that, it also doubles up as a view stand, so that you can now enjoy your tablet’s contents in an upright manner for an optimized typing angle, or to have it lie down flat for browsing, reading or drawing with the S Pen.

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