Automatic Cat Litter Box helps make life more hygienic and easier


automatic-cat-litter-boxPets do give us plenty of comfort whenever we are down, although there are moments when life gets tough and their upkeep has proven to be rather challenging. For instance, bringing out your dog for a walk, or perhaps to clear up their litter box every single day. Cats have a great advantage over dogs since they tend to cover up their poop in their litter box, but you will still need to clear it from day to day by scooping it out. How about getting a little bit of automation into the picture? This is what the $399.95 Automatic Cat Litter Box offers.

The Automatic Cat Litter Box was rated “The Best” simply because it managed to clean a whole lot more quickly and thoroughly compared to all of the other models during evaluations performed by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute. Once its sensor manages to detect the presence of a cat that had used the box and exited, The Best model will wait for seven minutes before it starts off its self-cleaning process, whereas lesser models will enable waste to linger for as long as 20 minutes. Apart from that, this particular model will also remove debris without the clumps and clogs which are the bane of other units in the market. A private, windowed globe will also empty itself after use by rotating upside down and sifting waste into a bottom drawer.

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