Mother will help you keep to those New Year’s Resolutions

by Mother
We look back fifty years ago, and think that life must have moved at a snail’s pace. You didn’t have to worry about checking multiple media outlets, constant text messages, and what seems like a non-stop pace of life. Technology has helped us do amazing things, but it also causes a sense of anxiety, and makes us feel like we’re always behind on need-to-know information.

One person who always has an ear ready for listening amidst the chaos is your mother. It only seems right that would create a life-monitoring system called Mother. This will help you keep track of your family, health, and schedule. Mother comes with motion cookies, which don’t have any of the delicious tastes you might have thought of at the initial entrance of the word. They’re little sensors that help you keep track of how often you brush your teeth, your sleep cycle, and fitness regimen.

To use Mother, simply connect her to your Internet router, plug into an outlet, and sync with your phone, tablet, or PC. You can downloads apps for various purposes, and the cookies can be re-purposed to a new task at a moment’s notice. You can receive alerts through email, text, or a phone call when someone is checking in, or things have gone awry. Mother comes with four motion cookies will cost you around $222 and will ship this spring.

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HiHat Says: January 9, 2014 at 9:04 am

I have read this article twice and still have absolutely NO understanding of what this thing does. Are there smaller dolls inside?

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